Steven Craven. Orchestral Trumpeter.

Audio clip of Denis Wright cornet concierto.played by Steven Craven and Jerome Thiebaut piano. 2009.


As an orchestral and solo artist Steven has the following to offer as a professional musician:Orchestral trumpet player at the highest level. Brass ensemble playing and Piano or Organ duet.


Experience: Steven,s musical experience is very extensive, it ranges from wedding ceremonies to large symphonic orchestral concerts.

            Born in Yorkshire in 1965. At the age of only 6 years Steven began  cornet lessons and at only 13 years of age he became the Great Britain junior solo champion 1978. As part of the prize he was invited to play the winning solo as a guest  soloist during the finals of the National British Brass Band Championships held in October of the same year at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

             Whilst furthering his academic studies at the Huddersfield Technical college school of Music and under the tuition of Phillip MaCann, ex-principal cornet of the legendary Black Dyke Mills Brass Band, Steven in 1982 won through to the Brass finals of the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition and was awarded joint 3rd prize. In the same year became assistant principal cornet of the Yorkshire Imperial Band until he left them in 1984 to further his musical studies at the Guildhall school of Music and Drama in London. 

               Steven was awarded in 1988 the A.G.S.M Diploma for trumpet teaching and performance in music, the Philip Jones Brass prize and the Leonard Rice and Barry Kerry Memorial prize for the most outstanding brass player at the Guildhall school for the year 1987/88.

               On graduating from the Guildhall school of Music and Drama, Steven was invited as a trumpeter with the European Community youth orchestra for their 1988  tour of Germany and Switzerland with the prestigiouse orchestral Maestro Claudio Abbado.  On his arrival back in London, Steven,s first professional musical post was at the Royal National Theatre on the south bank of London. Since then he has worked for most of the London orchestras as a freelance musician including the BBC Symphony orchestra, London Symphony orchestra and 2 years as trumpeter with the Broadway musical company of New York playing for musicals such as Westside Story, Starlight Express and Cats throughout an extensive tour of Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, France and Holland.

                In February of 1991, Steven left his musical activities in London and his native country to take up a trumpet possition as a founder member of the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra in Spain. Twenty years on Steven  still holds his possition with the Malaga Philharmonic orchestra and enjoys a fruitful musical life in beautiful Andaluzian surroundings playing his part in adding his talent to Spanish culture.


Steven plays Vincent Bach Stradivarious , Schilke and Ken Larson equipment:-                                                    

                                                                      Bach Stradivarious Bb, Model 43.

                                                                      1970,s Corporation stamp on bell.


                                                                      Ken Larson Brass Werks GFT                                                                               Custom C trumpet 2008.


                                                                      Ken Larson Brass Werks Eb/D.  


                                                                      Schilke Picc p5.4.                                                             


 Steven plays various mouthpieces depending on the kind of work. His collection includes:-                                           

                                      Bach 1 1/2 underpart with a Monette                                                                  B11 gold rim.  90% of Orchestral playing.


                                      MV Bach 7 underpart with Monette B11 gold rim for                                             light/Jazz orchestral work.


                                      For Cornet, 1X underpart with Monette B11 gold rim. 


                                      Picc.  Bach 7E 117.



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