New products from The 'Custom Trumpet Workshop'.


  Make your instrument play on centre with more power! How?.

             The New S.W.B.P.System.   

                 Sound Wave Booster Peg. for Bach trumpet or similar main tuning slide brace. Available for all trumpet main tuning slide braces.(send diameter of brace to be fitted if dimentions are different to that of the Bach brace).Also available for cornet bell to leadpipe brace.

                The S.W.B.P manufactured by hand to fit almost any brand of trumpet main tuning slide brace. Steven Craven has designed and makes a unique system that is inserted and locks onto the main tuning slide brace of your trumpet and held into position by the aid of a small screw lock.

                The S.W.B.P system is designed to preserve energy and reduce any excessive unwanted absorbtion which consequentially disturbs the sound wave and the way the air flows through the leadpipe and tuning slide.

                The tuning slide brace absorbs the vibrating sound as it passes through the tuning slide and over the brace. The S.W.B.P directs the soundwave in the correct direction in which it needs to go with more efficiency, this creats a wamer feel to the sound with better slotting and centre to the notes which increases the responce to any leadpipe and main tuning slide configuration.

               Because of its unique and easy locking you can move the S.W.B.P to the desired 'sweet spot' on the brace.


  'Try one , it works for me'!


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